‘Phop Phra Centre Expansion‘ drug rehabilitation project

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“After almost 25 years of responding to the addiction needs of the displaced and refugee people from Myanmar, the Ockenden Prizes' recognition of our work gives us deep gratitude and impetus to continue forward in challenging conditions..”
Pam Rogers
What the Judges said

The judges singled out a contextual approach and its regenerative agriculture as key elements of its programme highlighting its “empathy and consequent capacity of management to share ideas, a high degree of refugee participation and openness to combining indigenous community-based knowledge and practices.” The judging panel also noted: “The recognition of organic and regenerative agricultural practices provides an interesting edge to the work that also benefits former beneficiaries. The relapse rate is impressively low, while the support of often exploited migrant workers is a strong point,” they added.

What those Involved Say

Addiction Worker: ‘We want to serve people who are addicted, and we want them to be free from substance abuse. This work is very helpful for communities and families to be free from the drugs issue.’

Client (Addiction Treatment): ‘After completing the treatment, physical and mental gradually changed day by day. Living a new life like a new person with a fresh mind and new heart – I feel happy! With better health conditions, I do what I can do in my community and my family.’

Client Family Member (Addiction Treatment): ‘Having a drug addict at home is so stressful. My family members are not happy. And all the time we are full of worry about him. After finishing the treatment, he recovered again. He not only has good health but is also sociable in the camp community. He loves his family members. We can trust him again. Our family can have a happy time again. We can say that our family income has also increased.’

Camp Leader (Prevention Education): ‘We have come to know how to protect ourselves from alcohol problems, so that we can avoid substance abuse. Because of the DARE organization, more and more camp people can get prevention knowledge. This knowledge keeps spreading with time. It is also the strength to build a good community.’

The Other 2024 Finalists, and Winners

Ockenden International’s four cash prizes recognise and reward innovative projects that deliver evidential self-reliance to refugees and/or displaced people, the cornerstone of Ockenden International since its inception in 1951. The four annual prizes are open to projects or programmes focused on Internally Displaced People (IDPs)/refugee self-reliance anywhere in the world. The other nine 2024 finalists (with the other three winners italicised) are: